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My name is Caitlin Lemley and I am a fine artist and a

Graphic Designer. I have an Associate's Degree in

Graphic Design that I received from Bradford School

in Pittsburgh, PA. I specialize in sketching and

drawing by hand, but I'm also very skilled when it comes

to computer drawing and photo editing.


-Photoshop: (I'm at the skilled level in Photoshop. I am skilled at

photo editing, placing objects, and making appropriate selections).


-Illustrator: (I'm skilled at painting and creating logos.

I'm also great at fixing problems and making things

fit together to look aesthetically pleasing).


-Typography: (I'm very precise when it comes to picking typography,

and what best matches the subject matter of the project).


-Colors: (I always pick appropriate colors, and I'm talented when

it comes to coming up with color schemes for items to evoke feelings).

The following describes my skill set;


These are some of my favorite pieces that I have created.

They were created in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I specialize in those two Adobe programs.


Kinetic Typography is the process in which you can create type that

moves with sound, and it normally correlates with key words.

To make the following video, I had to use multiple different types of software.

I used Audition, Media Encoder, and Animate. To make these files you

have to have very precise timing and it requires a very keen eye for detail.

Altogether, this project took me several days. This is an example

that I can work in various different programs to create a solid piece

that is able to speak for itself. And it also shows that I pay close

attention to details, and I'm extremely deadline-oriented.

If you're interested in viewing some more of my work, you can check daily updates on

my Facebook page. I'm constantly entering contests and creating new designs in a

variety of subject matters. For me, versatility is "key".


Phone : 234-207-1304

Email :


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